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WEZER batteries are designed for comfortable and safe use in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They are a powerful driving force when starting engines and a reliable source of power for on-board systems in modern vehicles.
WEZER batteries represent an optimally matched range of modern starter batteries with the most demanded technical characteristics for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. WEZER is now available on markets in the European Union, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


WEZER batteries are a product of the German company ATH&S GmbH, which has been manufacturing and distributing automotive components all over the world for more than 15 years.
The company's headquarters and warehouse are located in Bielefeld, Germany, while distribution warehouses are situated in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.
The portfolio of ATH&S GmbH includes more than 10 successful brands
Covering more than 640 product categories of passenger car and commercial vehicle components in various quality and price ranges.
Extensive experience of interaction with automotive parts manufacturers worldwide, a professional team of engineers and product specialists allow ATH&S GmbH to maintain control over more than 250 certified suppliers with manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe, Turkey, CIS countries and Latin America.
In 2021, ATH&S GmbH sold more than 52,000
SKUs worth over €215 million worldwide.
52 ths. SKU
215 m. euro


WEZER batteries are manufactured in a factory located in the centre of Eastern Europe. The manufacture of WEZER starter batteries is highly automated, which guarantees consistent product quality to a great extent.

Equipment and technologies from leading European suppliers are used in the manufacture of batteries

La Pneumatica
Great Britain
Accurate product
This makes it possible to successfully implement an automated manufacture process using the "lean manufacturing" concept which implies the company's constant striving to eliminate all types of losses.
WEZER starter batteries are manufactured with the use of components from leading global manufacturers: EXIDE Tecnologies S.A., Daramic Norderstedt (Germany), POMEL (Poland), Accuma S.p.A (Italy), ICS (Italy).
As a result of the homologation process carried out in recent years, the plant has become one of the leading suppliers of batteries for the assembly lines of international and domestic car manufacturers, particularly Volkswagen and Skoda.
The manufacturer's quality management
system is certified according to the
following international standards
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
IАТF 16949:2016


The warranty period for WEZER starter
batteries is
24 months
for passenger car
12 months
for commercial vehicle
The warranty period is
calculated from the date of


WEZER batteries are widely available through a network of distributors
in Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
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